Face your fears
and unveil the unexplored


Welcome to Dive Marinduque, where the call of the ocean beckons the daring and the curious alike. Embark on a transformative odyssey as you immerse yourself in the depths of the azure unknown.


Scuba for First-Time Explorers

For those stepping into the underwater realm for the first time, Dive Marinduque's meticulously designed Dive Tours offer an exceptional introduction to the mysteries beneath the waves. Our seasoned experts will be your guides as you draw those exhilarating first breaths and enter a world both thrilling and serene. The maxim "Face Your Fears and Unveil the Unexplored" holds a profound significance; it's an invitation to uncover new dimensions within yourself. As you stand on the edge of the deep blue, our tailor-made packages for scuba novices gently usher you into the water's embrace. These packages facilitate your initiation into captivating sites that set the stage for your aquatic journey.


Beginners Scuba Package:

Embark on a transformational experience with our ₱3,500 per person introductory session. This package provides comprehensive Scuba Diving instruction, starting in the controlled environment of a pool and progressing to the openness of the sea. It's the ideal first step into the mesmerizing world beneath the waves.


Tailored Dive Tours for Seasoned Divers

For those who have danced with the tides and are no strangers to the underwater world, Dive Marinduque extends a beckoning hand. Our Dive Tours are meticulously crafted for certified divers seeking fresh horizons and thrilling encounters. Amidst Marinduque's captivating underwater landscapes, an intricate tapestry of beauty and intrigue awaits, transforming into an expansive playground for your exploration. Here, you'll maneuver through nature's underwater artistry, delving into the depths to uncover the profound mysteries concealed beneath the waves.

As you return to the embrace of the ocean, Dive Marinduque invites you to transcend the known and embrace the enigma that the deep blue holds. With each dive, you'll inch closer to unveiling the secrets of this mesmerizing realm – a world that resonates with your very essence. Dive into the profound, relinquish hesitations, and let the uncharted unveil itself as your greatest venture.

Dive Tours for Certified Divers:

Embark on this expedition of discovery with Dive Marinduque at ₱3,000 per person. This offering includes two immersive tank dives, providing the perfect canvas for your seasoned expertise.