About Freedom

At Dive Marinduque, our owner and lead dive instructor, Freedom Dellosa, brings a wealth of expertise to your diving experience. With a background in Biomedical Engineering and Coastal Resource Management, his understanding of the aquatic ecosystem goes beyond the surface.

As a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor since 1993 (OWSI 67549) and a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT 67549), Freedom's teaching skills are unparalleled. His qualification as an IANTD NORMOXIC TRIMIX Diver (147489) showcases his commitment to advanced diving and safety.

Join Freedom in exploring the wonders of the underwater world and uncover a new dimension to diving.


Weaving a Life Between Land and Sea

Freedom Dellosa's life journey is a symphony composed of diverse chapters, each harmonizing his passion for both the land and the ocean.

Education formed the initial notes of his melody. At Quezon Provincial High School, his aspirations took root. Matriculating to the revered halls of the Mapúa Institute of Technology, he mastered the realms of Electronics and Communication Engineering, then delved into the intricacies of Electrical Engineering. This academic foundation, akin to the distinguished MIT, set his mind ablaze with technical finesse.

Freedom's intellectual thirst led him to the University de Zamboanga, where he earned a Master's in Public Administration, enriching his insights into the administrative fabric that shapes societies. Zamboanga is a locale of rich cultural tapestry in Mindanao. Here, amidst its vibrant landscapes and nearby islands, he found solace and embarked on his encounters with the depths of the sea.


Professionally, Freedom's path traversed various terrains. His role as a former Consultant Biomedical Engineer at BIES highlighted his dedication to bridging the gap between technology and human welfare. Yet, his heart gravitated back to the ocean.

Ownership of Coral Divers Den marked a pivotal point. Becoming a Diving Instructor and Coastal Resource Management Consultant, he nurtured a profound connection to the underwater world. Eventually, the tides carried him to Marinduque, a place where the allure of the ocean melded with his soul.

Today, as the driving force behind Dive Marinduque, Freedom Dellosa's journey from Zamboanga's shores to Marinduque's depths continues. His narrative weaves through engineering brilliance, administrative acumen, and an abiding love for the seas, encapsulating a life lived with a deep respect for both the land and the ocean's wonders.



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